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Картинки по запросу parade of flags

Vocabulary practice

Exercise 1

Match the words on the left with the words on the right to make typical word combinations.











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Types of sport venues (типы спортивных объектов)

Картинки по запросу minsk arena


An arena – арена, стадион (general word)

A track – дорожка, трек (e.g. a running / race / cycling track)

A court – площадка, корт (e.g. a tennis / volleyball / basketball / badminton / handball court)

A canal – канал (e.g. a rowing / canoeing canal)

A pitch – поле (e.g. a football pitch)

A ring – ринг (e.g. a boxing / wrestling ring)

A floor – площадка, покрытие, манеж (e.g. gymnastics)

A mat – площадка, мат (e.g. a judo mat)

A shooting range – тир, стрельбище (e.g. a bullseye / skeet shooting range)



Exercise 2

What are the venues for these sports?


1.Running -  _________

2.Tennis - ________

3.Rowing - ________

4.Football - _________

5.Boxing - __________


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Картинки по запросу arena inside


Exercise 3

Complete the words below.


Cloak_ _ _ _

Conference _ _ _ _

Merchandise _ _ _ _ _

Press _ _ _

Reception _ _ _ _

Water_ _ _ _ _ _

Security _ _ _ _ _

Sliding _ _ _ _


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Exercise 4

Fill in the right prepositions where necessary.

The stairs are ___ the left

Follow ___the signs

You can take the lift ___ the 3rd floor.

Go ___ the corridor

Go ___ the stairs

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National symbols (Государственная символика)

Картинки по запросу belarusian flag

 Exercise 5


Fill in the word web.


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Formation (построение)


Exercise 6


Match the verbs with correct nouns.







your hand

a step


the audience 

a circle


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Exercise 7


Fill in the gaps with the correct prepositions.


1.Line ___ in rows, please.

2.March ___ step.

3.Step ___ the awards stand.

4.Wave ___ the spectators.

5.Turn ___ to face the guests.


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       Картинки по запросу Emergencies


Exercise 8


Translate the bracketed parts.


1.It’s a bad bruise. You need to (приложить) ice.
2.Please, don’t forget your (личные вещи).
3.I will call the (скорую помощь) right away.
4.I feel (тошноту).
5.If you see an (вещи без присмотра), contact the security.
6.This woman has (потеряла сознание). She needs ( первая помощь).
7.He might be having a (сердечный приступ).
8.My wallet has been (украли). What should I do?


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