Exercise 1

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Exercise 2

Choose the right word from the box to match the definition.

1.A room for officials who watch a game or match closely to ensure that all the rules observed.

2.The place where athletes may be taken in order to check if they have used banned athletic performance-enhancing drugs.

3.A room for changing clothes and for storing clothing and equipment in lockers.

4.A room to which someone who is injured or taken ill in the venue can be taken to get basic medical help and wait for the arrival of professional emergency medical services.

5.The place where athletes meet with the media after they've finished competing at an event.

6.A large room equipped with means of communication for mass media representatives.

7.A large room with equipment for exercising the body and increasing strength.

8.The place where athletes and mass media representatives get their ID card which gives them access to specific parts of the venue.

9.A room for the purposes of distributing information to the media and answering questions from reporters.

10.A set of seats arranged in rows.

11.A special place with the best view of the event only available to special guests of high status.

Answer key